Keysquare Solutions

The company is founded by a group of passionate runners who aim to be a small part of developing running community by providing new experiences. The ultimate goal of the company is to create a sport that is inclusive, supportive, and inspiring to everyone involved.

Our Services


From Customers to Partners
We customise each package to find the best suit partners so that we can create a win-win business deal and a sustainable relationship. We always seek for new opportunities to reflect a brand value and establish brand loyalty.

Brand Activation

From Conceptual to Actual
We offer a wide range of marketing tools for elevating and enhancing brand recognition including influencer marketing as well as an immersive workshop building which are set final goal at driving sales and brand loyalty

Booth Expo

From Prospect to Customers
We offer expo booths at race venues to promote and sell running products. These booths are strategically located at race venues to attract the attention of runners and spectators.

Running Gear

The company supplies high-quality running gear to help runners perform their best and enjoy their sport to the fullest, with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Running Tour

The company offers running travel tours in different countries, providing opportunities for runners to explore new destinations, connect with local running communities, and experience new cultures with the help of experienced tour guides who are passionate about running and travel.

Our Clients